• Izak Hannard

Introducing My Own Clothing Designs: "Faux Real" Era 2018

Updated: Aug 6, 2018

Throughout these last few months, I have been keeping busy being creative and doing the things I love to balance out the work and play aspect of my life.

Juggling uni life and the hobbies that keep me happy can prove difficult at times, but the transition through March into April is going to be a very fun and creative one - and I am here for it!

A couple of weeks ago I launched my new fashion line in a spring/summer collection I call "Faux Real". The truth is, is that this was originally going to be a music project of songs I have been writing since 2014, but logging back into Redbubble after all these years has changed my plans slightly.

If you don't know what Redbubble is, it is a website where you can create merchandise and clothing through designs that you have made. You can sell your designs and take a cut of the money. After logging back in after two years of inactivity after forgetting about it, I was really surprised to see that I had sold items in 2017 and that I got paid for my designs. It fuelled me to start creating designs and project my vision for the "Faux Real" era that we are living in (that's what I like to call it).

I have 50 designs going up onto Redbubble. These will be rolled out over the spring and should be finished by the start of summer. It has really sparked my passion for graphic design even more and I love how Redbubble gives me the creative freedom to share my ideas with like minded people.

My designs are available in unisex t-shirts, hoodies, scarves, dresses, clocks, mugs, notepads, pillows, duvets and more! I want to make 2018 the year we celebrate individuality and help promote a sense of unisex clothing in the fashion industry as it is possible if we put our minds to it!

You can view all of my designs, new and old here:

All of my items are 20% off using the promo code: SITEWIDE20 and you get an extra 10% off on top of that if you sign up before purchase.

Have a great week everyone and thanks for reading!

Izak x