• Izak Hannard

Things Only People From Newcastle Understand

Newcastle Upon Tyne as we all know is probably one of the most unique and talked about places in the UK, admit it! The small and peculiar city prides itself on being different to all the rest and to be honest everyone that lives in it is proud of it! From the Geordie accent and slang all the way to a coatless Christmas night oot and let’s not forget the Tyne and Wear Metro that’ll get you there, if it ever turns up *ahem*. Intrigued yet? Well here are all the things you will know if you are from Newcastle Upon Tyne, what to expect and not be disappointed if you want to be apart of this infamous city.

Geordie Slang that only Newcastle understands

Southerners haven’t a clue when it comes to understanding what the northerners say, see we have our own ways of doing things and quite frankly we could debate on the correct ways of saying things all night. Newcastle is something else when it comes to slang and it’s as if we have our own language, so if you want to learn it then here are some of the most famous Geordie uses for words:

Aye: Yes

Whey Aye: Double yes

Scran: Food (Where’s the scran at?)

Nee: No (I don’t nee)

Dee: Do (I dee understand)

Doon: Down (Get doon there you cheeky bugger!)

Toon: Town (Going for a night out on the Toon!)

Owa: Over (Get owa here!)

Divvin’: Don’t (I divvin’ understand)

Radgie: Temper (She’s having a proper radgie man!)

A Greggs on every corner

Greggs the bakery is probably the most northern you can get, and Newcastle is no stranger the pasty phenomena which has swept the North of England. Whether it’s a steak bake, a sausage roll, the breakfast and coffee before 11 deal or a cheese pasty, if you’re in Newcastle you’ve probably tried it all. Quite literally there is a Greggs on every corner of the city, wherever you turn, there’s a one staring at you, with the smell of freshly baked pasties and pies filling the streets and alluring you in! I think we can all joke that we don’t applaud the pasty tax nonsense and take out, is there anywhere to sit in anyway? And not to forget Christmas the festive Christmas bake, with a pasty filled with bacon, chicken, sage sauce and dried cranberry, is your mouth watering yet? Being from Newcastle Upon Tyne, you will recognise this!

Tyne & Wear Metro

Ah! The Tyne and Wear Metro, a spectacle we have all come across at some point in our lives while in Newcastle. While we’re all grateful for the local train service taking us to and fro to work, shopping and local events, as commuters I think we all at some point have experienced the ‘metro apologises for the delays to service’. In Autumn in we all know what damage a leaf on the track can do when it disrupts the whole network, sending commuters into a frenzy with all the delays. But through it all we keep calm and carry on, because that’s what us Geordies do!

A Christmas Night Out on The Toon (Without a coat)

Another infamous tradition in the beloved city of Newcastle is a good night out in the cold, without a coat! It’s just the natural order of things when it comes to Geordie fashion and what better way to go clubbing by wearing the skimpiest outfits in the snow feeling like you’re in the middle of Ibiza on a bender, besides it’s likely you’ll get absolutely mortal to the point that you forgot that brought one to begin with! When in Newcastle I guess! You have taken part in this if you are from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

New Year’s Eve Fireworks at the Quayside

We all love the River Tyne at night, especially during the winter when it’s all beautifully lit up in neon colours dazzling off the water. Newcastle knows how to end the year and start a new one with a bang! It’s a time of joy with everyone coming together for one night on the toon to celebrate the end of an era and the start of a new one! Geordie’s love making a racket and there’s no exception when it comes to celebrating the fireworks!

The Final Newcastle United Match

It’s always a tense time in Newcastle and Sunderland with fans of both teams constantly at loggerheads, despising each other when it comes to the footy! There’s no exception when it comes to the end of the football season with fans being the most dedicated to their football teams, especially in Newcastle. There’s nothing else like Geordie dedication that’s remained that way throughout the years! This is definitely a sign you are from Newcastle Upon Tyne.

You know you are from Newcastle Upon Tyne because of these! Can you think of any more? Let us know below!