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The Best Music Videos by Marina and The Diamonds

Updated: Oct 1, 2018

If you didn't know already, Welsh-Greek Singer/Songwriter Marina Diamandis will no longer be going by the stage name 'Marina and The Diamonds'. And no don't even go there, Marina and The Diamonds is NOT a band! The diamonds refer to the fans and the audience! Get it? Good!

SO now that we've got that cleared up I thought today's blog post could be dedicated to Marina and my favourite music videos from the Marina and The Diamonds era. I have been inspired by Marina since her early career in 2010 and has remained to this date my favourite artist. There's just something in the way that she writes songs and has been my inspiration since the age of 12 when it comes to writing songs.

I've always loved alt-pop music and I have always admired Marina for navigating meaning through visual music videos that are much different from any other generic pop artist. It's been fascinating to watch her career grow from 30,000 followers to 1 million with thousands of listeners everyday. What was once a small fan base, massive!

It was so difficult to write this blog post as I have so many videos by Marina that I love for different reasons. Her debut album The Family Jewels (2010) is what made me fall in love with her music. An album exploring what success is and what it actually means with satirical lyrics about situations we've probably all been in at one time or another.

I really loved her masterpiece Electra Heart (2012) full of melancholic songs that are deep and dramatic and explore the idea of identity and it unravels fascinatingly throughout (Still one of my favourite albums ever).

Even her latest album FROOT (2015) with its edgy psychedelic tones with modern sounds and metaphorical lyrics that have a deeper meaning. I just know that when she returns as Marina at the end of this year with her fourth album that it's going to be a really interesting era for alt-pop music once again!

So here are ten of my favourite Marina and The Diamonds music videos. For this I'll choose 3 from each era. This is going to be really tough (because I love all of them)

The Family Jewels Era 2010:

1. "HOLLYWOOD" - This one had to be at the top. It was the first music video I discovered from Marina and The Diamonds. I think it appeared in a suggested videos list and I instantly fell in love with the vibe, Marina's voice, the visuals. I couldn't stop repeating it! It's a song all about challenging success and the video is cultivated through American fashion and inspired by the ever growing fascination into Hollywood culture. From the album this one definitely has to be my favourite song alongside the next one I'm about to talk about.

2. "Oh No!" - Another gem from this era goes to the highbrow and punchy music video for the music video to Track 10 "Oh No!". I love that it is all about being strong and independent and achieving the things you want to and that you decide what success is, not letting anyone telling you how to be. It's a celebration of being yourself and not stopping until you achieve what you want to. Though there is an underlying message that it can sometimes be a lonely path to get what you want, I feel that this was one of the most powerful music videos from The Family Jewels era!

3. "I AM NOT A ROBOT" - With soft strings and hard hitting piano chords, vulnerable sounds come with powerful lyrics that overlap and ease with the addition of Marina's versatile vocals. The video personifies with three makeup looks the idea of identity in a profound way by expressing that we give different versions of ourselves into the world depending where we are and who we are with. Like the Japanese say that we all have three faces. A concept cleverly portrayed in the music video in a very bold way using beautiful melodies and chords to bring that idea to life.


1. "PRIMADONNA" - The transition from the Family Jewels era to the Electra Heart era sees Marina personifying love in an anti-breakup record with Primadonna as the second single. Full of blonde wigs, Marina curates Electra in the video of Primadonna as an archetype that is chic and sassy and gets everything that she wants when she wants it. "Primadonna girl, all I ever wanted was the world". In a heavy electro-pop song full of synth, the video artistically creates a dimension for the character where we see her as being standoffish and wanting to be number 1 in whatever she does. It's one of my favourite songs from the Electra Heart era and is definitely a standout track as Marina starts to explore identity and American archetypes being chromatically visual in its portrayal.

2. "POWER & CONTROL" - The whole idea of power and control in a relationship is what Marina magnifies in her sexy and fierce video for the ultimate power ballad song from the Electra Heart record. In a beautiful and dynamic video with condensed alt-electronic sounds, Marina uses her Electra Heart character to explore who really has the upper hand in a relationship and the underlying power struggle there is between two people. It's a dominating track that easily stands out on the record "give a little get a lot that's just how you are with love". Marina demonstrates that she holds all the power in this relationship. Artistically this music video is my favourite from the Electra Heart era with it being simple and having an influential style on modern pop music and videos.

3. "LIES" - The dreaded break up smudges like ink as it blots the page and makes everything a mess, in this case, life. The second last episode of the Electra Heart series sees one of the more lyrically driven songs about heartbreak from the album unfold. "You're never gonna love so what's the use? What's the point in playing a game you're going to lose?". In a hard electronically rich down-tempo anthem, we see settings of isolation and a loss of identity with transitions into the final part of the Electra Heart series (Part 11). From the Electra Heart series it is one of the most raw music videos and emotionally driven with intense vocals.

FROOT Era 2015:

1. "FROOT" - "Living la dolce vita, life couldn't get much sweeter, yeah you know that it's true, I've been saving all my summers for you". The chorus of the song speaks for itself. This music video is one of the most visually pleasing music videos, from the creative styling ideas to the palace setting. I can't imagine how else the song should feel visually. With melt in your mouth fruity synths and hot sonic sounds, the song is an eccentric take on colliding modern and 80's music together to create a upbeat song and uses nature as an instrument to metaphorically express love.

2. "I'M A RUIN" - Interestingly, this music video was recorded on the plains of Timanfaya National Park in Lanzarote, a baron land of volcanic rocks and dust. I was in there a few months after this music video was filmed and it always brings back fond memories whenever I watch it. I'm A Ruin centres around the desire to be loved by someone even though you know that you're not good for them and so you defeat the point of a relationship. "It doesn't feel right and it doesn't feel fair when I'm planning to move on, and you're still standing there". It's orchestral and atmospheric synths with heavy drums add to the despair of the situation by making the song as dramatic as you'd hope for.

3. "FORGET" - With clean metallic guitar riffs and sharp vocals, Marina expresses a desire for the strength and courage she needs to move on from the mistakes of the past. "Sometimes I think I'm not that strong, but there's a force that carries me on". Creative style and clever camera shots, Marina glamorises strength and hallmarks this track as a power ballad anthem that is not remorsefully upbeat as it transitions with the lyrics. Marina's vocals are pristine with energy that is captured in every word. This is one of my favourites from the FROOT era.

The whole 5 years of Marina and The Diamonds will live on even after the stage name transition and a whole new era begins very shortly later this year!

Marina recently performed in New York at the 10th anniversary of record label Neon Gold X, where she was joined on stage by singer/songwriter BROODS. A very special performance singing her new song "Emotional Machine" from her fourth album.

Listen to the song here:

Personally, I'm really looking forward to seeing what Marina has in store for her fourth album. Marina tweeted a few days ago that this will be her best album, which sure sounds promising. I'm sure the studio version of "Emotional Machine" will sound incredible with its experimental new age electronica vibes and the album is expected to be released in 2019.

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