• Izak Hannard

REVIEW: Shystie’s New Single “Wake Up” Is Just What Your Playlist Needs!

Star Rating: 5/5 

British rapper Shystie has released new single “Wake Up” four years on after the release of her epic and fierce EP “Pink Mist”.

It is no surprise after listening that radio stations are streaming the song, making it a summer favourite. The song has already received 60,000+ streams on Spotify on top of single sales.

Stream “Wake Up” Here:

Last month, Shystie released a music video for the song which highlights empowerment, freedom and love with the video being saturated in the warm vibrant colours of summer.

The acrylic video is an astounding representation of the song’s message symbolic of being with loved ones and enjoying life to the fullest. It is very consistent on its message that if you sit and wait for things to happen, nothing will so you have to go out actively and be the change yourself.

Watch here:

Before listening to the song I was already listening to “Pink Mist” on repeat in my playlist and when I played “Wake Up” for the first time I was impressed. “Wake Up” differs from the style of “Pink Mist” as the EP is predominantly rapping demonstrating that Shystie has raw talent in what she is capable of when it comes to vocals to voice her message.

The track Wake Up is a transitioning track of chilled and electronic vibes making it the ultimate summer bop and kind of brings beaches and hot weather to mind, making it a track you should have in your summer playlist!

From Pink Mist: 

Following Shystie through Snapchat and Instagram this week, she has been busy promoting the new single and even appeared recently at the ITV studio’s for an new upcoming talk show. This is bound to engage new listeners and get the track noticed further and we are looking forward to watching the interview and possibly a performance.

Stream “Pink Mist” Here:

I have given this five stars as I think Shystie is an incredible artist and is what the music industry, especially in the U.K., needs right now.

“Wake Up” is a refreshing addition to the collection of songs by Shystie and is definitely in my top 10 summer jams this year. It really does deserve further recognition and I look forward to hearing future releases by Shystie.

Shystie read my review and loved it! Thank you Shystie! x