• Izak Hannard

MOCARO's Monisha discusses her luxury men's accessories and why fashion sustainability is important

The fast-paced world of fashion is evolving quicker than it ever has before. With the world becoming ever more fashion conscious, industry experts are starting to pave the way for environmental awareness to achieve a sustainable future. I talked to Monisha Robinson who has created a successful business in luxury menswear with her exciting and bespoke bow ties that ooze modern luxury and opulence.

Luxury fashion designer Monisha Robinson sat down and discussed what inspired her cutting-edge bow ties with a sophisticated twist. Monisha also passionately discussed fashion sustainability, the need for a wider of range accessories in the men's market and what young entrepreneurs must understand if they want to create a successful business.

After growing up in London and gaining work experience during secondary school as a theatrical costumier assistant for the critically acclaimed Matthew Bourne play Edward Scissor Hands at Sadler’s theatre, Monisha became entranced by fabric and material.  Later studying at the London College of Fashion, Monisha at the age of 27 has gone on to create a luxury brand of avant-garde accessories. Her intricately designed bow-ties are tailored toward's the fashion-conscious man. Now, her luxury hand crafted bow ties are about to take the world by storm as Monisha says “the sky is the limit”. One of her bow ties was even worn by Grammy Award Winner, Gregory Porter.

Monisha’s strong willed determination has gone on to help improve the sustainability issue that has the industry up in arms. She went on to demonstrate why all her products are manufactured in the UK and not mass produced.

"I'm really passionate about fashion sustainability and I am happy that people are talking about it more as it's signalling a change in the industry. Here at Mocaro, we don’t mass produce our products.  Our Signature items are made by traditional craftsmen and precious metals are made in London Hatton gardens and hallmarked with a unique sponsors mark at the London goldsmith assay giving all signature piece’s authenticity. We source luxurious fabrics and our silks are produced and woven in Macclesfield silk mill. It even gives it a personalised touch while considering the environment."

In response Monisha said “it is really important as a fashion designer to consider where materials are sourced and how they will be used. I only use the material that’s necessary, which is why I carefully select every fabrics and built a relationship with silk mills.”

This has resulted in Mocaro becoming a luxury men’s fashion brand that is increasingly recognised across the UK. When it comes to fashion trends, Monisha explained why there is a need for personalisation and how her accessories trademark an outfit’s originality.

“What makes my product significantly different to other’s is that our products offer personalisation to really make an outfit look distinctive. I like to think that we all have our own style that we want to express to the world, which is why at Mocaro we tend to be really careful when choosing colour tones and materials we use to create a cutting-edge bow tie that’s unique.”

“I’ve always thought the bow tie represents power and masculinity and it always adds the touch a formal outfit needs to achieve that. With this brand I wanted to incorporate a sense of British culture as it really inspires me.”

Blending together patterns and tones, Monisha has proven that her creativity has no limits and that experimenting and finding a niche goes a long way in business.

Monisha didn’t hold back describing the lack of menswear and jewellery available to men in the menswear market and why there should be a wider selection.

"I really feel that when I step into a clothing store there needs to be more of a selection for men. Men nowadays are increasingly becoming even more fashion conscious than before. That's what inspired me to create my Mocaro brand as there is a gap in luxury men's fashion, especially in accessories."

“I also feel that men are becoming more fashion conscious than before. Men want clothing that’s personalised, so they can express themselves and stand out from the crowd, so I think retailers need to adapt to this need and offer more options.”

As a young entrepreneur, Monisha revealed the struggles of being a businesswoman in the fashion industry and why it’s important to have your own direction.

 “I think one of the struggles being a young businesswoman like myself was finding the right idea for this industry. It’s really important to find a gap in the market that you can work with because there’s no point in trying to design something that’s on trend. There’s a need for luxury men’s accessories and I feel that Mocaro caters for that niche.”

Monisha’s glamorously sophisticated bow ties have been worn by models across the globe, even making a celebrity red carpet appearance. Monisha has since celebrated her incredible success and described how it felt when she realised her fashion business became a big success.

“I knew that there was a demand for luxury men’s accessories and it’s been so crazy, the phenomenal support I’ve had from mentors and business programmes. It’s even more crazy to think my bow ties have been worn on the red carpet. One of my bow ties was worn by Grammy Award Winner Gregory Porter at GQ Berlin Men of The Year Awards 2017. It’s truly an amazing feeling and fuels me to keep doing what I love.”

Monisha revealed the best advice she can give to young entrepreneurs who are ambitious to create a successful fashion brand.

“Something that was valuable to me in creating this brand was finding a niche. So, advice I would give is to follow what you love and try to find a gap in the market. It is also important to find a good mentor who can advice and guide you along the way.

Celebrating her success, it’s looking to be an exciting time for Monisha as she plans to take her brand Mocaro even further.

“Now, I am focusing on expanding the product range and entering the international market, but I’m definitely not ruling out going worldwide. They are available to purchase from the Mocaro website with many bold and sophisticated designs. I have so many new ideas that I can’t wait to take forward.