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MARINA drops the diamonds and returns with her 4th album and tour Love + Fear

MARINA performs "Superstar" at Newcastle O2 Academy
MARINA performs "Superstar" at Newcastle O2 Academy

Love + Fear Tour Review

The neon lights twinkle down, it's dark and the diamonds go wild. A heavy bass synthesises Newcastle's O2 Academy from wall to wall as two choreographers appear on each side of the stage. The anticipation rises. The crowd goes crazy and then MARINA appears on stage in a beam of light where she starts a mesmerising performance of "Handmade Heaven" from her 4th studio album "Love + Fear".

It has been a long four years since MARINA (and the diamonds) toured the UK. In 2016, Marina decided that she was going to step back from the music industry and diamonds (her fans) had no idea if she was ever going to return with new music. No fear because the starlet has returned with her most versatile music yet.

The night opened with a mix bag of emotions with fans not knowing what expect. It is fair to say that this was her best show ever! Singing songs from all of her albums, fans reminisced and danced in the flood of electronic bubblegum pop of "Hollywood" and "Primadonna" and waved through the soft core ballads of songs "Superstar" and "Soft to be Strong".

MARINA performs "Immortal" at Newcastle O2 Academy
MARINA performs "Immortal" at Newcastle O2 Academy

Performances of the songs "To Be Human", "Believe In Love", "Superstar" and "End Of The Earth" were the most ethereal and emotionally driven of them all. These were the songs where fans saw her truest self in her moments of honest reflection.

Performances of the songs "Hollywood", "Primadonna" "Karma" and "Enjoy Your Life" saw the stage juiced in bubblegum neon and energised our souls. Marina slayed us all with her fierce performance of "Karma" which brought a whole new and exciting tone to her show. Watch "Karma" here:

Marina kept surprising us all the way through with visually stunning performances centred around the theme of nature, while keeping it stripped back.

"To Be Human" amplified the power of words with the lyrics "We're united by our love, we're united by our pain. The missiles and the bombs sound like symphonies gone wrong and if there is a God they'll know why it's so hard to be human." All the while she played the verses on her piano while joining the choreographers on stage during the chorus with the music video backdrop beautifully in sync

Another favourite was the dark and edgy "Believe In Love" which featured a stunning visual performance induced by electronic bass, which really gave the performance an atmospheric feel. While summer dance anthem "Orange Trees" gave us serious 80's pop vibes which was a breath of fresh air visually and sonically.

The show ended with a performance of fan favourite "How To Be A Heartbreaker" - a fun edgy acoustic dance song which drove the crowd wilder. It was definitely a fan favourite performance with an applause at the end that fans revelled in.

Marina opened her Love + Fear UK tour in Newcastle and has five more dates on the agenda including Glasgow, London, Bournemouth, Birmingham and ending with Manchester. It was definitely a memorable show and we're so excited to see what Marina has for us next.

Star Rating: 5/5

Love + Fear is available to download and stream worldwide

Love + Fear Album Review

MARINA has always been known for her ability to write bold lyrics and transform it into a punchy pop song in her own style. Her artistry can't be compared to the likes of other pop musicians in the Top 40.

Since 2010, Marina has been making big waves in the music industry, washing over the idea that pop music has to be constructed one way. Her debut album "The Family Jewels" defied the charting odds in 2010 when it entered the Top 10 and since, she has been redefining what it means to be a solo pop artist.

Love + Fear is definitely a standout album, especially since the release of her previous album "FROOT" in 2015. This album shows just how much the singer/songwriter has evolved as a musician and how much in the world has changed socially since, which feeds into her music.

Love is the much more rhythmically charged side of the collection with songs "Enjoy Your Life" and "True", where she expresses the desire to change her life in a positive way by taking a new direction.

While "Handmade Heaven", "Superstar" and "To Be Human" focus on natural and social order and how changes in mindset inspired her to write differently about Love compared to past albums.

Fear is much more heavy and explores topics such as heartbreak, confusion and uncertainty with lyrics like: "We're in the future living fast, can never make a moment last" and "nobody believes that I'm a machine, an emotional being".

"Life Is Strange" and "Emotional Machine" and "Too Afraid" are the powerhouse songs of the album emotionally driven inspired from the time Marina left the music scene in 2016. These are the most satisfying songs as diverse in sound they are show Marina's versatility and creativity in modern pop music.

Standout tracks "To Be Human" and "Karma" are the most political, tackling human rights in our current social climate and misogyny in the music industry.

Watch "To Be Human":

Love + Fear has been such a refreshing era as a long time supporter of Marina and is definitely one of my favourite albums released this year, maybe decade even...

Thanks for reading! x

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