• Izak Hannard

Manchester Fashion Week's Winter Showcase dazzles with an empowering message

Photo courtesy of Ian Williams

Fashion is more than just about material. Fashion is art and the catwalk is a stage to display a message to the world. Manchester Fashion Week's winter showcase this year slayed that sentiment in style and empowered the lives of those who witnessed the flare of mid-winter gowns and the latest fashion trends of the sexes.

In an unforgettable display, Manchester Fashion Week founder Amanda Moss proved that there are no boundaries to creative elegance and using material in an empowering nature for good.

Many upcoming designers stole the hearts of the audience as the models slayed the art of the catwalk and demonstrated that 2019 is the start of the something fresh in the fashion industry.

Amanda Moss who is also the owner of Lifestyle Magazine in the UK, put on the show and raised awareness that fashion is to be familiarised with empowering the self through being comfortable in what you choose to wear.

Stunning outfits hallmarked the show and opened the winter season in style with colourful and bold pieces to make a statement. Unique and distinctive designs tied the show together with bright and colourful blends to make this a season that will not go unheard.

The fashion show took place at Victoria Warehouse in Manchester and was the second fashion show in Manchester this year. The summer show carried the meaning of fashion week over to the winter showcase that fashion is not all about how it looks, but how it feels.

Photo courtesy of Ian Williams

It was also key to outline the importance of fashion week across the UK. It's not everyday that you hear of fashion week being held in a city outside of London. Amanda Moss not only holds fashion week in Manchester, but also in her home city of Liverpool.

Creative awareness is such a key aspect in the world of fashion, which is what makes fashion week so special as it is a harbour of inspiration for upcoming designers. Fashion lovers can get a taste of the trends before the eye candy hits high street stores and boutiques across the country.

Photo courtesy of Ian Williams

This season we can expect a lot of chic and shimmer with silver and gold making a statement. Patterns will prevail this winter and will add a whole new dimension to individualised outfits.

Leopard and Zebra print are proving to make a comeback for both sexes in fashion this season with various options available from t-shirts to polo's, dresses to formal shirts.

Brands that really stood out and added a captivating edge to the show were Haze and Pearl amongst others. They used bold and striking combinations of colours and patterns to create distinctive outfits that cultivated a whole new style. It demonstrated empowerment through experimental and bold fashion choices, which is what fashion in 2019 is looking to be all about.

Manchester Fashion Week will return for its SS19 showcase on May 13th 2019 and will be hosted at Hotel Football. Empowering the self is the new sexy and fashion week is showing the world how to do it in style.

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