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REVIEW: Katie Melua channels nostalgia at the opening of her Winter 2018 tour

Updated: Dec 11, 2018

Katie Melua performs at The Lowry, Salford for her Winter Tour 2018
Photo courtesy of Allan Jones

Now that winter has drifted in and settled into the city, the festive spirit is amongst us and to warm our souls, Katie Melua brought her winter tour to Salford.

Katie’s show opened with a set by the very quirky Keeva who brought elements of noir with sultry songs played acoustically. Katie was joined by the Gori Women’s Choir who brought a harmonious edge to a memorable show.

Katie Melua performing with the Gori Women's Choir at The Lowry, Salford 2018 Winter Tour, Allan Jones
Katie Melua performing with the Gori Women's Choir. Photo courtesy of Allan Jones

With plenty of Georgian spirit and the stage glowing in seasonal visuals, Katie opened her spectacular two-part show. Katie began by singing one of her most mesmerising songs called “If You Are So Beautiful” sung in Georgian.

The theatre glowed entrancing tones of blue with a backdrop of the Georgian mountains. Katie’s voice had no boundaries and her innate musicality shone through. Refreshing the senses, Katie channelled nostalgia singing her iconic song “Nine Million Bicycles” and made us all reminisce as she performed a rendition of Shirley Bassey’s “Diamonds are Forever”.

Joined by the Women’s Gori Choir, the stage glimmered with ethereal vibes with sounds snowing softly and harmoniously through the theatre. Celestial elements edged in the winter mood performing emotionally driven tracks from their collaborative album “In Winter”.

Katie and the Gori Women’s Choir were the perfect combination in defining what the Christmas season is really about – love and appreciation. “Perfect World” was enchanting and deep and plucked every sense of emotion out of the audience. Stripped back, the performance felt vulnerable and was an emotional rollercoaster that you did not want to get off.

Katie Melua performs on her Winter Tour 2018 at The Lowry in Salford Manchester. Photo courtesy of Allan Jones.
Photo courtesy of Allan Jones

The acoustics of the drums, bass and guitar brought a captivating energy that could felt in the soul and blended soothingly together. Katie’s unique style added charm to make the show golden with alluring energy that carried the audience from one performance to the next.

Katie’s music is a euphoria in itself and throughout her performance, Katie demonstrated a more stripped back and mature way of writing about love. The tone of Katie’s music set the theme throughout the performance.

Katie will be performing across the UK throughout the month, delivering the gift of music across the country. Katie Melua at The Lowry on Sunday received a standing ovation as her music resonated with the entire audience. Breathtaking performances enthralled everybody and the stories in Katie’s songs captured the light and mood of winter and was certainly a show that will be always be appreciated.

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