• Izak Hannard

REVIEW: Why I Refuse To Switch Back To Vaseline After Using EOS!

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Unlike other brands of Vaseline on the market, EOS steps up the game in deflecting dry lips by keeping them hydrated for longer than the standard balm.

As we transition into Autumn and peak the winter months, our lips are becoming vulnerable to being dry and chapped – a daily problem that can become irritating if left untreated.

I only started using EOS products at the beginning of the year after seeing the brand being advertised through online music videos. I was not satisfied with having to keep re-applying standard Vaseline every hour, even sometimes after having a drink I would find that my lips needed a dose of the stuff to be soothed – so I started searching for an alternative.

I found on Amazon that EOS was highly rated and started to research their products.

At first, I was not sure whether to put in an order, being costly at £5-8 – whereas the standard Vaseline is only £1-2 and not knowing whether it would be worth spending the extra cash.

I admit it did take an hour for me to choose a flavour because there were so many and they all sounded so nice. From Coconut Milk to Passion Fruit and Honeysuckle Honeydew to Blueberry Acai – the list goes on!

I finally chose the flavour Vanilla Mint. The balm arrived as a striped blue and white sphere. The standard tube is pocket-sized making it more convenient than the sphere as it is larger in diameter, so you become limited as to where you can place it when carrying it around. 

The sphere is useful if you want to carry it around in a bag.

To my delight, when I first twist the cap open and brushed the balm across my lips – the taste was soft, milky and sweet with a minty residue that settled onto my lips. It applies well and even puckers up your lips, making them plump and moist, taking away dryness and visible chapped skin.

I did not need to reapply for at least 4-5 hours and my lips felt softer than they did before. The good thing about EOS is that they use natural ingredients (certified organic) in all their products making this environmentally friendly with added vitamin benefits dependant on the flavour you choose.

You are lucky if standard Vaseline lasts you a month. At the end of August, I bought and started using a Pomegranate EOS stick. To this day in October, I still have not even used half of it and I apply it at least 4 times every day – 2 months of silky hydration!

Vaseline can be messy, not only on your lips, but your fingers as well. EOS changes this without having to use your fingers to apply and camouflages quickly onto your lips.

I can now understand why EOS translates to ‘Evolution of Smooth’ – I could not recommend this product more to everybody and can assure that after trying EOS, you will not want to switch back to Vaseline this winter – maybe ever!