• Izak Hannard

Charli XCX Pop2 Review: Funky, Fun, Eccentric

Updated: Jan 8, 2019

Charli XCX's newest mixtape "POP 2" is here to radiate the airwaves with futuristic sounds and empowering lyrics, bringing something fresh and dynamic to pop.

The mixtape is a follow up from the previous: "Number 1 Angel", which was released Spring 2017. Both are original masterpieces bringing different vibes to the table.

Pop2 includes many more features with only two tracks out of ten on the mixtape being only Charli (Lucky and Track10).

This includes the legends: Tove Lo, Alma, Cupcakke, Brooke Candy, Pabllo Vittar, Tommy Cash, Dorian Electra, Caroline Polachek, Carly Rae Jepsen, Kim Petras, Jay Park, Mykki Blanco and fianally MO.

They all bring something unique to each song and they all make an empowering team to create an album about complicated love and breaking down modern day stereotypes.

the Singer-Songwriter has risen over the last few years especially in the "Sucker" days when she collabed with Iggy Azalea on worldwide platinum hit "Fancy". In a recent interview Charli talked about how she got into music by MySpace when she was 15 years old. Also she discussed that she didn't get into music to be a role model.

Watch the interview here:

Admittedly at first I was not too keen on the mix tape and I didn't feel as hyped as I did when Number 1 Angel was released, and is still my preferred mix tape out of the two. But this one did grow on me slowly and I'm finding myself listening to it often.

The first track is called Backseat and features Carly Rae Jepsen and it's not what you'd expect as an intro track. It opens the mix tape being a highly emotional song which contrasts to the track Dreamer from the first mixtape - which is catchy and edgy and makes you feel motivated. Backseat is the opposite, it cultivates how the remaining album will sound and is probably the saddest track besides Tears and Lucky.

My favourites that share these virtues are "I Got It", Unlock It and Femmebot. I would have to say that these are the standout tracks. We've been wanting Brooke Candy to be featured on a song for ages now and the result in I Got It was truly epic! They really are the feminist/gay anthems of the record.

Listen to 'I Got It':

They're the most upbeat and pump up the sonic sounds to stabilise how the album sounds. It is very much a futuristic sounding record which Charli says is the aim of the game.

Think Sophia The Robot on steroids. The album sounds very much electro-robotic that maybe Charli could have featured the icon on the album. I'm sure there would have been space somewhere. Maybe next time though?

Listen to Femmebot:

When Cardi B says in Bodak Yellow 'who drops two mixtapes in six months what b*ch working harder than me?' I always think of Charli because yes Cardi, Charli did that!

In 2018 though, it has been confirmed that Charli will be dropping her third album. There have been performances of songs to appear on the untitled album expected to drop this May, which include: No Angel, Girls Night Out, Bounce and TKO. Also a track leaked in 2017 which appeared to be an LQ demo of a track called Taxi.

Recently Charli XCX was seen in the BBC Radio 1 Live Lounge performing on an exclusive live version of Dua Lipa's "IDGAF" with the singer which also featured Zara Larsson, ALMA and MØ . I love the collaboration and I really hope they work on a track one day, as their voices all work so well together!

Watch here:

Overall, I'd rate Pop2 a solid 8/10, whilst the Vroom Vroom EP is a solid 9/10 along with Number 1 Angel. I've always loved Charli XCX's music and how experimental she is with sound. It goes on to show that pop music shouldn't be restricted to one type of sound and that it can be experimental, while also discussing the things that need to be with meaningful lyrics applied to the sound.

I'm really looking forward to what else will be pulled out of the bag later this year with the third album!