• Izak Hannard

A Koala Christmas by Izak Hannard is now available to pre-order worldwide on Amazon

The day has arrived! My first children's book "A Koala Christmas: A heartwarming Christmas story" is now available to pre-order (ebook version) on Amazon ahead of its worldwide release on November 19th.

To celebrate I'd like to offer a 20% discount exclusively to everybody on my mailing list. The ebook is currently £3.99 and will be going back up to its original price of £4.99 in the next 48 hours. The paperback version will also be available to order on the actual release date at a separate price of £5.99 for those who prefer a physical copy.

I've been working on three books since summer last year and I'm excited to self publish them.

Koala Charlie is waking up to his first Christmas in Green Grove Forest. It is supposed to be a magical day when his parents take him to the mysterious Magnolia Lake, where his Christmas gift waits for him. But on their journey through the woods, wildfires begin to roar and Charlie gets lost in the smoke. With the help of his forest friends, can he find his parents and escape the fires and discover what his Christmas gift is before it's too late? In Izak Hannard's first children's book, we are taken on a friendly and illustrative journey of gratitude. This festive treat is a perfect stocking filler and is a suitable gift for children ages 3 to 6. "This book is dedicated to all the koala's who lost their homes during the Australian wildfires in 2020 and to all the children who will grow up to make a positive difference in the world." - Izak Hannard, Author of "A Koala Christmas."

All three of my books will be different in style and genre and the next two will be catered towards an adult audience. My second book will be self-published in December. It's been really fun to design and create my own books. It's been a dream of mine for a long time to publish my own book and because self-publishing is very accessible nowadays I can finally achieve that goal and call myself an author.

A Koala Christmas is available on Amazon here: