• Izak Hannard

5 Ways To Destroy Self-Doubt Over Your Writing

I always like to compare self-doubt to a weed. You think you've got rid of it for the last time then out of the blue it crops up again. We writers tend to go through this strenuous cycle time and time again, but why? We keep reassuring ourselves that we are good writers and that nobody can write like us, but then we feel like we're not good at what we do. And there are many factors as to why we feel this way and the sooner we realise the negative triggers of self-doubt, the sooner we can get on with writing our next masterpiece. Here are five ways to destroy self-doubt over your writing for good!

1. Environment

Have you ever heard of the saying 'you can't water a dead plant and expect it to grow'? Well today we're going to talk about that concept. The environment you're in is essential to your personal growth and how you write. I like to personalise my writing space so that it's comfortable for me. If you're in a messy environment, the likelihood is you won't be able to concentrate properly. You are more likely to feel inspired in a place where you are at your calmest and have clarity.

Also, if you are in an environment where people discourage your ideas or aspirations, you're more than likely to feel defeated before you've even began your next project or blog post. The key thing is to remember what inspires you and you just have to go for it regardless of what anyone says. Your words are just as powerful as anyone else's, remember that!

2. Be You

Nobody can write like you can! And comparing yourself to other writers is not going to help if you're feeling stuck. Comparison is probably one of the most negative triggers for anybody in the arts, especially in the writing business. Many authors or bloggers who have been successful decided to go for it, and 9 times out of 10 they all had the same fears at the beginning of their journey.

The industry is very difficult to break into, but if you consistently be yourself, you'll learn from your errors and become a better writer as each day passes. Be assured that the right readers of your work will find you in time. Be patient with yourself and don't give up on your writing in the fear that it isn't good enough. Everybody has a different style and nobody can write the way that you can, so keep being yourself!

3. Confidence

Being confident in your own work is one the toughest things in this industry, but the truth is you have to break through those tough mental barriers holding you back from hitting that publish button. We all have those days and weeks where we feel that things aren't going so well or things happen to throw us off our goals - that's life!

Perseverance is key when self-doubt gets in the way. Not everybody is going to like what you have to say or what you do, but that's ok! If you go into your next writing session with confidence, you'll definitely achieve those goals and the more you write the more confident you'll become in your own work!

4. Take a Break

Sometimes it's good to just stop, relax and take a break. It can be hard to stop writing when you're in the zone, but when self-doubt starts to settle sometime's its best to just stop and come back to it.

Read a book that you've always wanted to read, go out and go shopping, socialise with the people around you and more importantly take a day off. Taking a day off writing usually helps me put things back into perspective and let new ideas come to me about where I want to take my writing next. It's always important to take a break to get back to feeling positive again, especially when you're a writer!

5. Set Goals + Routine

I find that when I'm at my most productive is when I set myself goals. Self-doubt can often put us in a state of defeat and not feeling productive at all. Achieving anything in life starts with a goal and success is overcoming the challenges on that journey.

At the end of every Sunday evening try and set yourself some daily goals you know you can achieve and you'll find that your writing sessions become much more productive. Plus you'll be in a much more motivated and positive state of mind as you set out to achieve your own personal goals.

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