• Izak Hannard

4 Ways To Get Your Confidence Back

On some days, we find ourselves hopelessly trying to feel good after feeling like our confidence has been suddenly snatched away by awkward moments or periods of feeling like our mojo has vanished.

We all have those days where we become clumsy or nothing seems to go right. It can either be down to ourselves or how other people are during day to day life, but don't stress, because tomorrow is a new day and this is how to revitalise ourselves.

1. Forget About Yesterday

If there is a domino effect of embarrassing moments that seem to happen to us during our bad days, we tend to dwell on the things we could have done differently. Trust me, I've been there plenty of times. You get the feeling that you just want to hide away in case it happens again the next day, but really all you've got to do is stop feeling anxious about it by simply trying to forget it. It can be difficult at times depending on the circumstances, but tomorrow is a new day. If today was bad, then tomorrow can only get better. Once tomorrow comes, a new dawn awakens to new opportunities to slay the day away and make up for it. You will naturally feel better in the process too that you will soon forget about the bad day beforehand.

2. Switch Your Wardrobe Up

This one will also lift your spirits. Sometimes what we wear can reflect our mood. If you wake up the next day still feeling bad about the day before, you may seek darker colours to match your mood. Instead, switch it up a bit. Wear something poppy, bright and colourful. By doing this, you will slowly become a happier self during the day by wearing 'happy colours'. If you wear something dull the day after a bad day, then you may run the risk of being trapped in a negative mood that reflects the dark colours that you wear. This may make zero sense to some people, but give it a try, tomorrow can only get better, right?

3. Life's Too Short To Live The Same Day Twice

I'm sure you've probably heard this saying, especially if you've watched the movie featuring Jennifer Lopez called "Monster in Law". The saying is perfect for this post. Try changing something in your routine because sometimes our confidence can be affected by the mood we put ourselves in when everything constantly feels same old. Go shopping, change your route to work or college, start up a conversation with someone you usually wouldn't. This has the power to change everything. It can be a hard thing to do sometimes, but even changing one thing can create a chain reaction in a way that's positive to lift your mood. Being in a good mood inevitably boosts your confidence and reduces anxiety. Be adventurous and try something new, it's bound to work.

4. Love Yourself

This is probably one of the most important ones. Self love is very important. Of course, we all have things that we want to change, but that's what makes us all imperfect and unique. It's time we all embrace how unique we all are and respect that about one another. Self love is very difficult, but it takes time and with right mindset you can go about achieving this. All you have to do is take the time out to find yourself and start creating a you that you want the world to see. We often hold ourselves back because of confidence, but once we learn to love ourselves and accept the things we can't change, everything seems to open up and you attract positive things and positive people along the way. We all have the bad days remember, but this is something you've got to do to phase them out with all the good days ahead.

I hope this blog post helps you. It helped me writing it. It's reminded me to keep my spirits as high as my head after what seemed like a bad day. There's better one's on the horizon.

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Thanks for reading x