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My 2018 Highlights and 10 Resolutions for 2019

I hope you've all had a nice Christmas stuffing your faces and enjoyed spending time with loved ones. I know that I have and feeling very grateful! Now that we're in that strange week where we don't know what to do with ourselves, it's time to start reflecting on 2018's experiences and think about what's next as we transition into 2019.

2018 was probably one of the most challenging years with plenty of new experiences, twist and turns and not all of them were positive. However, I learnt some valuable lessons and it was an eye opening year in many ways. Here are some of my 2018 highlights before moving on to those all important resolutions.


In the summer I was offered an internship opportunity with US magazine Society19 and decided to take it! I wrote about all things fashion, food, travel, horoscopes and relationships. It was a fantastic opportunity and I wrote 8 articles a week for 5 months throughout the summer. It wasn't always easy, but it gave me the confidence boost that I really needed at the time and it was great to have the flexibility to be creative.

June was my favourite month of the summer, as I got to experience the spectacular country of Croatia. It was truly one of the most beautiful country's I've ever experienced. I'll definitely have to write a separate blog post all about it soon as I had so many unforgettable and new experiences.

I also worked at a cocktail bar next to my hometown to earn some extra cash while I wasn't writing for Society19. I worked every weekend until the end of August and it was definitely something I'll remember. It was an experience, let's just say...


I applied to a modelling agency in Manchester. I remember being bored one night and unable to sleep, so I decided to just go for it and apply to EKA modelling and casting agency to see if anything would happen. A few days later I got a phone call outside the Printworks on my way to Spoons of all places and didn't realise that I'd be celebrating being offered a year contract from the agency!

Now, I have a part time job modelling for different brands and being an extra in various TV shows. My first assignment ended up being for an upcoming ITV drama series called "The Bay" airing early 2019! I got to be an extra and go back to school again to play a student (something I never thought I'd do again), so you might see me in the background if you plan to watch the series! I'm sure there will be more to come in 2019 with more time outside of university! The team at EKA are also fantastic. They're a modelling agency who respect their artists and celebrate everybody individually and I really admire that about them!

Of course, I can't forget about university! I mean how could I forget? I feel like this has been my favourite year of university so far. I'm starting to feel like I'm becoming much more confident as a person and I've met so many positive and great people. I can't believe that I'll be hoping to graduate in the summer and leaving the uni experience behind. I'll probably feel emotional at the time, but for now I'd rather not think about the end and focus on making the most of what's left before it's over! But, let's see what happens...

So here we are, here's my top 10 resolutions that I'm hoping not to break this year. I kept to my 2018 one's, so let's see how it goes this time around!

My 2019 Resolutions:

1. Graduate

I've made it this far without having to resit a year at uni and I don't tend to give up yet. Third year has probably been the most pressurising and mentally challenging of all with the workload, but I know what final grade I want and I'm going to work my hardest to get it!

2. Go to the gym more often

I get that this one is an obvious one to make, but seeing as I live practically next door to a gym that I can use for free, you bet I'm going to try and make the most of it before I move out of my flat in the summer. If not, then it'll be to definitely do more home workouts when I can find the time.

3. Attend more events

This year I got to attend the Amanda Wakeley SS18 showcase and meet the lovely lady herself. Also I had a blast at the Ipanema Hervia SS18 showcase where I met so many fantastic bloggers, an apprentice star and a Coronation Street actor. This year I want to aim to put myself out there more and meet new people. I love fashion and how creative it can be, so I definitely want to write more about it in 2019.

4. Write a blog post a week

In 2018, I published 30 blog posts. So, I've decided that I would like to write more about my experiences. I mean, I do have some funny story's and experiences (both good and bad) that I think I'd love to tell you all. Once a week, I'll make sure to find the time to write at least one blog post and start getting more interactive online!

5. Party more and have fun

Lately, I've been feeling overworked. I really want to put myself into more social situations. So what better way to do it than to get out more and party. I'm yearning to make new friendships, so hopefully this will help and be the year to do it!

6. Strengthen friendships

Though I've met many people this year, I really want to make it my mission to focus on strengthening certain friendships and try to make more effort with people than I did this year!

7. Spend less time on social media

I've started to realise that social media isn't always a true representation of how things really are. Many people this year have told me how they feel social media can be quite damaging in that aspect. That's why I want to make sure that I switch off more during 2019 and appreciate the things going on outside of my phone.

8. Contribute more

I've been searching into causes that align with my views and would love to start helping in some way. I've already made a list and at some point in 2019 when I have the time I want to start helping to bring about positive change.

9. Be more creative

I'd love to take up a hobby that will allow me to be more creative. This year I've been designing my own clothing and writing my own songs. I want to make sure that I do more of that when I feel like I need to express myself.

10. Keep being me

Though it's been a whirlwind of a year full of new experiences, there's no doubt that 2019 will be different, but through it all I still want to continue being myself!


So, there we have it! These are just some of my 2018 highlights and resolutions that I'm taking through into 2019!

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Have a safe and positive 2019!

Izak x


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