• Izak Hannard

15 Velour Choices For Guys This Autumn!

Updated: Jan 16, 2019

Velour t-shirts are apparently becoming all the rage at the height of men's individualised fashion choices this year. 2018 has no doubt been a year of setting fresh new trends in the fashion industry and one of the most interesting ones that have emerged is the comeback of velvet! Velvet is very much a late 80’s thing and is making its return not only for women but also for men this time. ASOS has added a huge new range of beautifully made velour clothing in the form of t-shirts, long sleeve shirts and hoodies! The colours look absolutely beautiful and really are a premium fashion statement! Here are my favourites and on my wish list!

1) Gold and Platinum Velour T-Shirt

In a unique twist, this beautifully designed t-shirt drips gold and platinum at the sleeves boasting a high-end looking design for under £20. While the rest of the t-shirt is plain white, it gives you so many options on what leg-wear to coordinate this with and your choice of accessories. So if you can’t decide what t-shirt to wear with your blue jeans (as we know it can be hard to coordinate certain colours), this t-shirt matches it perfectly.

2) Midnight Blue Velour T-Shirt

Made for casual and party wear, this midnight blue velour t-shirt is a gem! This particular design uses embroidered flowers to give it some individualisation. The midnight ocean colour is a great compliment to the colour black for something a little more mystifying with edge.

3) Emerald Velour T-Shirt

Emerald doesn’t get more quintessential than this! This amazing emerald green velour t-shirt is casual and sophisticated making it an excellent choice to pick out your wardrobe if you’re looking for either daywear or nightwear. I’d say with the addition of the white hems from the neckline to the sleeves and at the bottom, it gives it a four-season look and can be styled perfectly with black jeans.

4) Aquamarine Velour T-Shirt

Colour clashing seems to be the set trend this year in the fashion industry and there appear to be no exceptions when it comes to velour. Instead of using only one colour, this aquamarine colour uses both a light shade of aqua and royal blue to create a beautifully designed t-shirt that’s all velvet! What’s more is that this can be coordinated with blue and black jeans perfectly!

5) Red Velour T-Shirt

You might not have thought it, but yes it does exist! Red velour shys away from just a plain bold colour and the velvet gives it a hot and energised look. Red velour can be coordinated really well with blue, black and grey jeans! Autumn is very much about getting in touch with the seasonal hues of red, orange, purple and teal and this red velour t-shirt is a new classic element to add to the nightwear wardrobe.

6) Tan Velour T-Shirt

If you’re a one for royal colours, then this tan velour t-shirt will really impress you. Its tan colour gives it a bronze and gold look dependant on the light of the room. This t-shirt beams new era and is a very different option making it perfect if you’re looking for a unique look. It can be styled really well with blue or black jeans and is a great addition to your wardrobe!

7) New Era Cobalt Blue Velour T-Shirt

This new era navy velour t-shirt is another perfect addition to your wardrobe if you prefer darker colours. The embodied logo at the centre of the t-shirt gives it an individualised spin. If you want to go for velour that’s not too shiny and want something on the subtle side, then this is definitely a top pick out of the velour range for you. It can be styled with light blue jeans and black jeans really well.

8) Hot Pink Velour

Yes, that’s right! Not only can you get pink polo’s and plain t-shirts in different shades, but you can also get pink velour. Although this is more of a vest top than a t-shirt, it’s still a great wear, especially for casual wear or during the summer months! Who’d have thought you’d get hot pink in velvet form to wear?

9) Rodeo Print Velour T-Shirt

If you’re looking for something with a little more edge and want to get away from plain, then this rodeo print velour t-shirt in light and colourful tones is perfect to show your wilder side to the world. This is great to wear with blue or black jeans allowing you to be creative with your style.

10) Blue, Green and Pink Panel Velour T-Shirt

If you’re looking to jazz it up a little, this three colour panel comes in navy blue, green and pink velour crossing from a dark shade of velour to a bright shade mixing up the hue in your style. Since this crosses between three colours, you can accessorise bracelets and necklaces pretty well and this coordinates amazingly with blue or black jeans.

11) Red Quilted Velour Jacket

Intricately designed with diamond stitching, this pink quilted velour t-shirt is excellent for a smart and casual look to spruce up your style. The design screams luxury while keeping it lowbrow. It’s subtleness coordinates well with black jeans and is essential to your wardrobe as a comfortable and classy addition. It's great to take out on the town during the Autumn and Winter months as it's bold and radiant.

12) Platinum Velour T-Shirt

Verging on the premium end of velour t-shirts, this platinum velour boasts an updated and futuristic sense of style mixing chic and cosmic to create an individualised sense of style. This is a great addition to your wardrobe if you want to make a bold statement. This velour coordinates excellently with black jeans whether you want to wear it for a casual occasion or smart wear.

13) Blue, White and Grey Colour Block Velour T-Shirt

If you're looking something a little more subtle when it comes to the velour scene, then this three colour blocked t-shirt of blue velour with white and grey is perfect for the minimalist. The colours give it a broad and edgy look with soft shades of three colours meaning you have options when it comes to coordinating it with leg wear and styling accessories. Black and blue would work really well with this t-shirt!

14) Metallic Grey Velour T-Shirt + Outfit Idea

For a more alternative look, this bold grey velour has semitones of silver to find the middle ground between subtle and bold. This can be styled perfectly with black leg wear and can be accessorised really well with silver. It's definitely a great choice for you're heading out into town or the city at night as it is a charming and casual piece for the coming season.

15) Autumn Yellow, Green and White Long-Sleeved T-Shirt

Another addition to the velour collection that I think is really hot right now is this autumnal yellow, green and faded white colour block long-line t-shirt. The green velour sleeves against the white and yellow fabric gives the outfit a whole new vibe with an individualised look and is a must have for day wear. It would be easy to accessorise this with dark necklaces, bracelets and sunglasses and wearing black/grey leg wear would complete the outfit really well as it compliments the Autumn look.

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